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Omne is a secure, intelligent, and connected mobile wallet which merges your bank card with any and all of your loyalty/rewards, membership, security key, and public transport cards.  That’s right!  You no longer need to carry a bulky wallet.  Numerous accounts for various purposes organized and secured together in one place.

Omne offers two products – Omne Device and Omne Multi Flux Chip.

Omne Device is the same shape and size as a credit card.  Preload your card collection by swiping it into the Omne Mobile App and syncing with Omne DeviceTo transact, toggle your accounts with the on board buttons and display.  Omne Device swipes the same as all typical plastic cards.  The terminal will respond as though the original card has been swiped.

Omne Multi Flux Chip is built directly into smart mobile and wearable devices.  Swipe your card collection into the Omne enabled mobile device with the Omne App.  Transactions are proximity based.  To transact, briefly hold your device near the card swiping area of the Point of Sale (POS) terminal.  The terminal will respond as though the original card has been swiped.

Omne is a proprietary micro computer which transmits a new kind of magnetic signal.  This signal allows Omne devices to communicate with payment terminals, transport fare kiosks, and electronic doors.

Omne Card and Omne Emulator are compatible with all payment cards – even newly issued modern cards.

Omne Card and Omne Emulator are universally accepted mobile wallets – use them to pay anywhere.

Omne is offering Omne Card and Omne Emulator to businesses and government entities.  Please click here to contact Omne for pricing and order inquiries.

Omne greatly reduces plastic card production, shipping expenses, and the associated environmental impact.

Omne Card functions as a stand-alone smart device.  Omne mobile app and your mobile device are required for initial set-up of Omne Card.  

Set up entails preloading your card collection by quickly swiping each card into the Omne mobile App and then syncing with Omne Card.


Multi Flux Chip is a built directly into mobile devices at the manufacturing stage (before market).  Emulator design and cost varies slightly per host device, as each design features custom specifications.

Omne Device is built from the ground up by Omne engineering and manufacture facilities in the U.S. and the U.A.E.  Custom components and proprietary design deliver a state of the art, stand alone payment system which is customizable per client specifications.


Omne Device is ID-1 card size (international standard for banking cards).

85.60 mm x 53.98 mm x .84 mm

equivalent to

3.38 in x 2.125 in x .033 in

Omne Device is made to function with any swipe or dip reader – universal acceptance.


Omne Device displays on its screen:

-User defined nickname for the currently selected emulating card

-the last 4 digits of the card number

-the expiration date


Omne Device can contain more than 100 plastic cards.

Multi Flux Chip can generally contain far more than 100 plastic cards – card storage  may be contingent upon mobile device storage capacity.

Omne products are able to contain and emulate any card: credit, debit, gift, rewards/loyalty, membership, transport fare, and security access/electronic door key cards.

To set up both Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip quickly swipe your desired card collection into the Omne Mobile App using the included mobile card reader.

Omne Device must be synced to conclude set up

Multi Flux Chip is ready to go

Omne Device does function at the ATM and other “dip style” mag stripe readers which require the user inserts his/her card into the terminal instead of swiping through.

Multi Flux Chip does not function at the ATM and other “dip style” mag stripe readers.

Omne Card functions as a stand-alone smart device.  Omne mobile app and your mobile device are required for initial set-up of Omne Card.  

Set up entails preloading your card collection by quickly swiping each card into the Omne mobile App and then syncing with Omne Card.

Omne Device does not require an internet connection in order to transact/make payments.  However, an internet connection is required in order to add cards and sync them with Omne Device

Multi Flux Chip has an offline mode which is able to transact with a few select cards, but does not require an internet connection. For use of all cards contained in the Multi Flux Chip an internet connection is required.

Omne Device is paired with only one mobile device at a time.  This personalization is most secure – prevents fraud.

You do not have to chose one or the other.  You can use both Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip without restriction.


Traditional cards and wallets have no security features to speak of.  Payment card issuers and payment card networks often cover fraud associated with theft.

Omne Device

Omne Device is passcode protected.  Card data is stored in a Secure Storage Element which cannot be accessed or cloned.

Identity Verification

When Omne Card is configured with a payment/bank card, Omne Mobile App verifies the account matches the Omne user’s identity.

Customizable Lock Modes

Clients Customize their Omne Card Security.

Vault Mode: Automatic lock after each transaction or a span of time.  Omne Card will only function following correct passcode entry.

Restriction mode: Lock Omne Card to one account – no changes can be made.  Useful when placing Omne Card in the possession of a merchant or friend, especially if your Omne Card may leave your supervision.

Multi Flux Chip

Multi Flux Chip is part of a secured mobile device – passcode protected, GPS traceable, able to be remotely wiped/erased.

Omne products are passcode protected and include additional security design which surpasses the Payment Card Industry standard.

Omne has designed and built state of art transaction technology which simplifies and secures your life.  Omne improves the modern transaction experience.

Omne maintains your card data security by displaying only the information that is necessary for transactions -the last four digits of your card number, the expiration date, and the name of the card issuer.

Omne protects your card data with 256-bit encryption and a hardware Secure Storage Element.

Your name is encoded in Track 1 of the magnetic stripe data found on the backside of your plastic payment card.  If Track 1 information does not match with your Omne user account details, Omne will be alerted.

Omne also utilizes micro transactions, geo location, and other user authentication procedures to verify identity.


Omne Device battery life is between 2 and three years, depending on use.

Omne Device is water resistant to minor splashes and spills.   Full submersion (such as in a washing machine or swimming pool) of Omne Device is not recommended, as it will most likely damage/destroy the unit or render it not functional.

Omne Device is designed to flex in a similar fashion to traditional plastic cards.  Extreme bending and pressure will likely damage/destroy the unit or render it inoperable.

Omne Device actually does not have a magnetic stripe on the card surface.  An electronic antenna beneath the plastic surface is what creates the magnetic emulation signal.  Stripe wear and tear is far less of an issue with Omne Device than with a traditional plastic card.

Once you erase/wipe your mobile device or restore it to factory settings, the unit is simply a piece of hardware with no personal data in its storage.

Commonplace low power magnets such as found on purses and luggage will not affect Omne DeviceHowever, exposure to above average strength magnets will likely render the unit not functional.

Omne figures that you will toggle accounts and transact with your Omne Device approximately 5 times per day.  You will probably sync your Omne Device approximately twice a month.  Omne has also taken into account that the initial set up and early use period may call for additional syncing and battery usage.  Over time users generally sync far less often. If you sync your Omne Card and swipe it for transactions more frequently, your battery will discharge faster.


No.  Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip are designed for ease of use.

Omne Device is designed to require no updates to merchant hardware or changes in transaction behavior.  Simply swipe.

Multi Flux Chip is designed to emulate a card swipe.  So when payment is requested, briefly hold your Omne Emulator near the card swipe area.  The POS terminal will unknowingly receive the emulated card swipe as if the original plastic card was actually swiped.

Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip are designed to require no updates to merchant hardware or changes in transaction behavior.  Simply swipe Omne Card or hold Omne Emulator near the card swiping area at POS.

As with any other transaction, you should contact your merchant service provider, the card issuer, or the card network.

Omne products are ease of use mobile wallet technologies which consolidate the user’s existing cards and allow normal transactions with those consolidated cards.  Omne is not a payment card issuer, merchant service provider, or payment card network.  When Omne transacts at POS, it transmits/emulates the selected card’s data, for a payment processing identical to that of the original plastic card.

On October 1, 2015 the US Payment Industry shifted liability for payments fraud from the card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) to the merchant for payments fraud committed at Points of Sale (POS) that are not EMV ready.  Merchants will face no obstacle accepting Omne enabled payments following the liability shift.

Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip will both continue to function in the U.S. market and abroad, as the option to swipe cards is still available on all Point of Sale (POS) terminals – even the newest models.  Accepting Omne enabled payments holds equivalent liability to accepting the original plastic payment card.  Omne is configuring its systems with VISA Tokenization to achieve an equivalent user authentication protocol to EMV.

Europay MasterCard and Visa (EMV), also known as “chip and pin”, is a payment card technology intended to reduce in person identity and payments fraud.  EMV payment cards are identified by the computer chip embedded on the card face.   They are more difficult for criminals to clone than magnetic stripe cards.

Instead of swiping, EMV cards are “dipped” or inserted into a Point of Sale (POS) terminal where the embedded chip is used for a security key exchange process.

EMV cards contain both the embedded chip on the card face and a traditional magnetic stripe on the card back, making EMV cards compatible with Omne Device and Multi Flux Chip.