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Omne is designed to give consumers and businesses a more secure and functional mobile wallet solution. Our objective is to give customers a secure and private way to organize their payment information, while providing them with an easy to use platform that works on the current standard payment terminals. Users can transition from an unorganized wallet to a system that allows people to pay anywhere, anytime, with any desired payment method. Sign up for Omne now to upgrade your wallet!



Omne is unique because it will work at any current payment terminal. Other mobile wallets require “NFC” payment terminals which are uncommon in the United States. It will take 7-10 years and cost billions of dollars for the country to switch to NFC payment terminals. Mobile wallets are useless until this switch is made. Omne brings the best of both worlds by giving consumers a mobile wallet tethered with an “All-In-One” card that can be used everywhere.